Column Speakers
Column Speakers: 5/10W, Metal Outdoor Column Speakers
Column Speakers: 5/10W,280×150×125 Metal Outdoor Column Speakers

The System Sensor portfolio of column speakers consists of multi-purpose/weather resistant column loudspeaker family featuring durability, attractive shape and easy installation. The super sound quality makes the speakers suitable for indoor applications where directivity is highly required. Typical examples are: hotels, airports, exhibition halls, factories, and theaters.

The various product lines available in this are:


Part Code Description
CS-511H 5/10W, Metal Outdoor Column, 280×150×125
CS-512H 10/20W, Metal Outdoor Column, 390×150×125
CS-513H 15/30W, Metal Outdoor Column, 510×150×125
CS-514H 20/40W, Metal Outdoor Column, 615×150×125
CK-311 5/10W, Metal Indoor Column, White, 105×75×260
CK-312 10/20W, Metal Indoor Column, White, 105×75×402
CK-313 15/30W, Metal Indoor Column, White, 105×75×546
CK-314 20/40W, Metal Indoor Column, White, 105×75×690