Ceiling Speakers
Ceiling Speakers, 1.5/3/6W, 5" Metal Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling Speakers

The System Sensor portfolio of ceiling speakers consist of economic range, compact ceiling loud speaker, powerful ceiling loud speaker, specially designed voice alarm loudspeaker etc which can be used for general purpose to various other purposes application.


The various product lines available in this are:



Part Code Description
SS-CL06E 3/6W, 4.5″ Metal Ceiling speaker
SS-CL06 1.5/3/6W, 5″ Metal Ceiling speaker
TF-218 3/6W, 2.5” Plastic Ceiling Speaker, White
ETF-221 2.5/5/10W, 6.5” Plastic Ceiling Speaker,  White
ETF-223 20W, 5.5” Plastic Ceiling Speaker,  White
SS-EVA18 3/6W, Metal Ceiling Speaker with Dome,EVAC