Variodyn D1, the world’s only ‘All in One System’, with more functionality, flexibility, clarity and complete reliability. Variodyn D1 has two controllers:

The VARIODYN D1 Comprio is a voice alarm system optimalized to the requirements of small and medium-size facilities like schools, hotels, shopping centers, offices, etc. It is characterized by a compact design and a wide performance range as well as its flexibility and optimal price/performance ratio.

The System Communication Unit SCU serves as digital audio memory for the VARIODYN® D1 voice alarm and public address system.

The various product lines available in this are:

Part Code Description
583944 VARIODYN D1 Comprio 4-8
583945 VARIODYN D1 Comprio 4-24
583946 Bundle Comprio 4-8 – 4XD125B
583381.22 System Comm. Unit SCU, 24V