The Kaizen Automation Pvt Ltd. is a progressive volunteer organization unified in creating a safe and secure community and will strive for “excellence” in everything we do in order to become recognized as the “premier” Fire and Safety company in the country.



The Kaizen Automation Pvt Ltd. prepares for and responds to emergencies protecting people, property, and the environment of Bangladesh and the surrounding communities by fostering a progressive and responsible team approach to planning, education, and hazard prevention with a professionally trained, dedicated, and compassionate volunteer workforce.






We believe our safety is essential for us to fulfill our mission. We are committed to providing the best safety programs for the well-being and operational readiness of our clients.




We are honest and fair in our dealings with the clients of our community and each other. We are honorable to our profession and we accept ownership for our actions and decisions.




We believe trustworthiness is one of the most important ethical values and brings together such qualities as honesty, integrity, reliability and loyalty.




We believe in the basic dignity of every individual and value all clients of the community and the company.




We consider it our duty to deliver friendly, beneficial quality service with flexibility and adaptability to an ever changing environment, which promotes our mission.




We will be sensitive to the needs of others by being compassionate, thoughtful, open-minded, willing to understand, and by being a good listener.


Quality Customer Service


We recognize that internal and external customer service is the business of our organization.  We will uphold high standards of timeliness, quality and value.




We recognize that we must build upon the strengths of our colleagues by developing individual strengths and encouraging personal mastery, establishing good relationships with others and by pursuing worthwhile and meaningful goals if we are going to continue to be successful in completing our mission.


Regional Partnerships


We value working with other departments and government entities within our region to sustain and improve the quality of life for all citizens.






Provide Leadership and support to enable the company to accomplish its mission.




Provide the highest level of emergency response consistent with identified client’s needs and expectations.




Provide challenging training and education that is current and effective, enabling our clients to accomplish there mission.


Fire Prevention


Proactively improve life safety, minimize losses and reduce the risks from fire through; education, application of codes and investigation.


Emergency Preparedness


Prepare and maintain the facilities and trained personnel to effectively manage and support major incidents/disasters.