Variodyn D1
Variodyn D1
Variodyn D1, the world’s only ‘All in One System’, with more functionality, flexibility, clarity and complete reliability. The one you need for today’s emerging and complex world.

Variodyn is one system which truly defines the term “All in One System”. It allows automatic evacuation under permanent surveillance, signal distribution, flexibility of integration with other systems, extension of existing system, improved performance and user friendly. As public address systems are integral part of our public life today. Variodyn effortlessly combines public address and emergency, thus accompany our daily lives to ensure our security and unobtrusive.

The various product lines available in this are:

Part Code Description
583331.21 UIM – Universal Interface Module
583341.21 CIM – Contact Interface Module
581721 Emergency power supply with EN54-4/A2 certification
581730 Accumulator 12V / 105 Ah
581731 Accumulator 12V / 150 Ah