Projection Speakers
Projection Speakers

Honeywell range of projection speakers provides for a high-performance public address unidirectional, bidirectional projection loudspeaker which provides broad frequency response range, low distortion and high sound pressure level for accurate and intelligible broadcast of evacuation messages and high quality sound reproduction.


The various product lines available in this are:


Part Code Description
L-PJP20A Projection loudspeaker, 20/10W, white, ABS
L-PJM10A Unidirectional projection loudspeaker,10/5/2.5/1.25W,White,Aluminum
L-PJM20A Unidirectional projection loudspeaker,20/10/5/2.5W,White,Aluminum
L-PBM20A Bidirectional projection loudspeaker,20/10/5/2.5W,White,Aluminum
L-VJM20A/EN Fire proof unidirectional projection loudspeaker,20/10/5/2.5W,White,Aluminum
L-VBM20A/EN Fire proof bidirectional speaker,20/10/5/2.5W,White , Aluminum
L-VJM10A/EN( C ) Fire proof unidirectional loudspeaker,10/5/2.5/1.25W,White , Aluminum, EN54-24,with capacitor
L-VJM20A/EN( C ) Fire proof unidirectional projection loudspeaker,20/10/5/2.5W,White,Aluminum, EN54-24,with capacitor
L-VBM20A/EN( C ) Fire proof bidirectional speaker,20/10/5/2.5W,White , Aluminum, EN54-24 ,with capacitor