SAN Storage Streaming

Honeywell’s HUS-IPS-5100S(D)-E is a controller-based IP SAN unified storage appliance. Designed for centralized mass data storage, this IP SAN solution can be used with the high performance streaming server HUS-IPSSTM-E to stream videos at D1 resolution.

With best-in-class performance and reliability, the HUS-IPS-5100S(D)-E is most suitable for large-scale surveillance such as airports, railway facilities,ports, utility plants, city surveillance, boarders etc, where centralized mass video storage is required.

High Performance Streaming Media Server

• The HUS-IPS-STM-E supports 128-channel video streaming at D1 resolution and 2 Mbps bit rate and with real-time forwarding capability

• The HUS-IPS-STM-E supports N+1 hot redundancy

Professional Storage Devices for Surveillance Applications

• The HUS-IPS-5100S-E is a single storage controller IP SAN appliance and the HUS-IPS-5100D-E is a dual active controller IP SAN solution

• Optimized I/O designed for simultaneous storage of mass data

• End-to-end I/O path fault switching and recovery as well as dynamic I/O load balance

• Automatic data path management by utilizing multilink technology Automatic path fault switching and restore will be enabled upon controller or link failure

• Hot swappable redundant power supply