Encoder Decoder



Honeywell HUSS-E2/4/8X is a dual-core encoding 2/4/8-channel digital video encoders. Featuring full D1 real-time main stream and extra stream, expandable storage capacity and H.264 compression format, this encoder delivers high definition image quality at optimal bandwidth that saves storage space and reduces opeartion costs. Easy to use and operate, the HUSS-E2/4/8X encoder allows viewing and storing videos simultaneously. It is an ideal solution for upgrading the existing analog surveillance system to digital platform.


Honeywell HVAE-0400 is an intelligent video analytics encoder that converts up to 4 analog video inputs into MPEG-4 streaming multimedia over IP, with simultaneous outputs of analog videos of graphical overlaid features. With built-in video analytics function, the HVAE-0400 accurately detects, tracks and analyzes moving or stationary objects in a real-time manner while suppressing unwanted alarms from spurious sources in the image. As a rack-mounted, self-sustained intelligent video centralized device, the HVAE-0400 optimizes rack space by consolidated support from up to four analog surveillance cameras in each unit. Compatible with Honeywell weatherproof 24-hour outdoor speed dome HSD-261P-AT, HSD-261PW-AT and HSD-361PW-AT, the HVAE-0400 is capable of monitoring and detecting different behaviors such as intrusion, tripwire, fence climbing, moving route, loitering, unattended baggage, illegal vehicle parking, object removal, independent PTZ tracking. Auto tracking is activated upon the detection of a moving object by a PTZ camera. The target will then be adjusted to fit the image size to make it easily recognized. Various individual cameras controlled by the HVAE-0400 can be connected and grouped together to perform a relay tracking.


Honeywell HUS-D4-E-Pro is an intelligent network video decoder. It represents the high definition video decoder technology applied on IP video surveillance solution, enabling various IP front end devices to be managed in the same system and displayed on the same video wall. Its high performance supports up to 16 channels at D1 resolution, and full frame rate streams decoding. Customers can also flexibly configure the HUS-D4-E-Pro to support 1080P / 720P / Megapixel cameras according to different surveillance needs. The HUS-D4-E-Pro efficiently helps solve the problems raised from deploying many different IP front end devices in one system. The capability of multi device supporting makes the HUSD4-E-Pro an ideal selection for the video surveillance system of today.