Monitoring Software

Video surveillance System & Monitoring Software

HDCS is the central management software designed for HD-16DVR-C and HD-DVR-7016 to connect multiple devices for video surveillance system. Featuring a user-friendly interface, HDCS can be deployed for device add-on, configuration, status monitoring, alarm event checking, video live view and recording, as well as E-map central management system. By connecting the 4-channel network decoder HD-NDE-4010 to the system, HDCS can switch any stream from DVR to video wall for live monitoring and control PTZ online. This intelligent system also features device auto search and configuration functions which enhance efficiency on monitoring and operation. HDCS supports 36 live view windows in one single screen and up to 144 window extension which is ideal for medium to large scale video surveillance system – particularly for customers who plan to move from analog to digital in the near future. HDCS efficiently develops a cost-effective and high performance video system by utilizing the network and its advanced functionalities.