Small – HUS-XACT032
Small - HUS-XACT032

The HUS-XACT032S-E-08 is a high performance security integrated solution for medium-scale IP video, access control and intrusion applications. Its simple system architecture and easy-to-install features are designed to minimize the cost of investment, making the HUS-XACT032S-E-08 an effective IP surveillance solution to fulfill security requirements for today and tomorrow. This easy-to-use IP solution is engineered with advanced IP technology and a user-friendly interface for efficient operation. Its compact and intelligent design combines video management server and storage into one single unit that saves costs on investment. Simply plug-and-play, and the HUS-XACT032S-E-08 can be installed in just a few steps that minimizes installation costs and time. The HUS-XACT032S-E-08 supports 32-channel video recording and is suitable for full IP surveillance, analog to digital migration, hybrid systems (analog and IP), as well as integrated solution with video monitoring, video analytics, access control and intrusion functions.