4100SM Description

Serial Interface Module

Interface for printer for: VISTA-50P, VISTA-100, VISTA-128B   and VISTA-128FB

Direct wire download interface for : 4140XMP, VISTA-40, VISTA-50P, VISTA-100, VISTA-128B  and VISTA-128FB

5140MPS-1 Description

Manual Pull Station

Aluminum die cast

Key reset and test

Screw terminals

Gold contact SPST

ADA compliant

UL, CSFM, MEA listed and approved

AVS Description

Honeywell’s Audio Verification System (AVS) increases the value of every sale by providing an unmatched level of comfort and added protection for your customers. The AVS two-way voice technology gives you a valuable opportunity to earn additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR) and reduce false alarm cost by providing instant communication between end-users and control station operators during an emergency—giving your customers peace of mind when they need it most.

The enhanced sound quality (87 dB) is the best in the industry when compared to other two-way voice offerings and allows for clearer communication between the end-user and central station during an emergency. It also increases the area covered on the premises to ensure there are no dead spots.

The AVS helps to reduce installation costs by connecting quickly and easily to Honeywell VISTA systems and by allowing the AVS control to mount directly inside the VISTA cabinet—eliminating the time and space needed to install a second control cabinet. Both the AVS control and AVST voice station connect via the four-wire ECP bus for faster and easier wiring.

AVS Features

Two-way voice communication over GSM (compatible with GSMV) or Telco during the event of an alarm allows central station operators to talk directly to end-users and vice-versa

AVST voice station superior sound quality (87 dB)

ECP four-wire support on base control and voice station designed for faster and easier wiring (compatible with VISTA-21iP, VISTA-20P [Rev 7 or higher] and VISTA-15P [Rev 6 or higher] controls)

AVS base control mounts directly inside VISTA cabinet

Special wiring cord (620-1) for control to control ECP connection