Vista-20P Preconfigured

Pre-programmed Vista Intrusion Panels Ideal for ATMs, Bank Branches & Retail Outlets

Honeywell’s introduces Pre-Programmed Intrusion Panels suitable for branch as well as ATM applications. These ‘state of the art’ panels deliver a full communication solution with an integrated communicator module to connect to a CMS over IP or PSTN. This comes with an inbuilt redundancy of communication as two CMS numbers can be configured. It not just protects branches from burglary, but also is watchful of multiple non intrusion events, such as fire, flood, vibration, power outages, product malfunction, etc.


The power and versatility of VISTA

These panels are pre-configured as per commonly required zones for ATMs & branches and thus make the installation and use much more convenient and user friendly. These panels can be integrated with easy to configure magnetic contacts, panic switches, seismic sensors, 2-wire conventional smoke & heat detectors & audible sirens.