Fire Alarm & Detection System


Advanced Smoke Sensing Technology

ONYX Intelligent Sensing is an advanced set of software algorithms that delivers a rapid, intelligent response to incipient fire signatures while substantially reducing nuisance alarms. Specialty detectors supply stability and very early warning capability where unique hazards and environmental conditions exist that prohibit the use of traditional smoke detectors.

IntelliQuadTM PLUS – Combination Smoke / Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

NOTIFIER’s IntelliQuad PLUS detector is a plug-in, addressable device that provides both fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection. For fire, the detector combines four separate sensing elements in one unit (smoke, CO, infrared, and heat) to sense multiple components of a fire. This approach has enhanced sensitivity to real fire with heightened immunity to nuisance particulate.

IntelliQuadTM – The Ultimate Multi-criteria Detector

IntelliQuad senses smoke particulates, carbon monoxide (CO), heat, and infrared signatures simultaneously to determine the presence of a fire condition. Sensor readings are continually evaluated against one another, allowing the detector to operate normally with high immunity to nuisance conditions, while quickly responding to true alarm events.

AcclimateTM – Self-optimizes, Senses Heat and Smoke

The Acclimate Plus detector combines thermal and photoelectric technologies into a single device. It constantly monitors ambient heat and particulate conditions, adjusting sensitivity parameters and alarm thresholds automatically to maximize detection across a broad range of fire types.

VIEWTM Laser Detector – Super Sensitive Spot-type Detection

The VIEW laser smoke sensor is programmable to be up to 100 times more sensitive than standard photoelectric smoke detection technology. VIEW is ideal for critical applications where even a trace of undetected smoke is unacceptable or where high air flows can make traditional smoke detectors ineffective.

Aspirating Smoke Detection – Early Warning in Challenging Environments

Intelligent Aspirating Smoke Detection (IASD) solutions provide early warning of an impending fire hazard. IASD can buy time to investigate an alarm and initiate an appropriate response to prevent injury, property damage, or business disruption. With a wide sensitivity range and multi-level warnings, even minute levels of smoke can be detected before a fire has time to escalate. Connect the unit to the building’s Ethernet portal to provide access and monitoring from anywhere in the world.

The various detector ranges under Notifier portfolio are as below:

Part Code Description
FSP-851 Photoelectric Smoke Detector
FAPT-851 Acclimate Detector
FST-851 Fixed Heat Detector
FST-851R Fixed Heat Detector with ROR
FST-851H Fixed High Heat Detector
FSL-751 Laser Detector
FSC-851 Intelliquad Detector with 4 Sensing Techniques
FCO-851 Intelliquad Detector Plus with 4 Sensing Techniques
FSB-200 Addressable Loop Powered Beam Detector
FSA-8000 Addressable FAAST Aspirating Smoke Detector
DNR Duct Detector Housing