Fire Alarm & Detection System


ONYXWorks® Lite Integrated Facilities Monitoring Network

ONYXWorks® Lite is the next generation in life safety and building systems integration for monitoring fire over a proprietary network. The ONYXWorks™ Lite system is designed to provide clear and precise annunciation of life safety and other building system events. The preciseness of that annunciation enables the responding personnel to identify the location of a life safety event quickly and accurately. The status of the emergency equipment or fire safety functions that might affect the safety of the occupants is also easily identifiable. The ONYXWorks™ Lite software is a high-performance color graphic system capable of displaying all network events and points.

Part Code Description
OWLITE-NW / NF ONYXWorks™ Lite Graphical User Interface Software + USB Dongle License + NFN-GW-PC-W/F Gateway Card + Manuals for upto maximum of 4 Nodes.