Fire Fighting System

Diesel Engine

Fire Driver® diesel engines are specifically designed for fire pump applications. The proven technologies used throughout the design and manufacturing ensures the reliable operation of these engines during fire condition.

Air-Cooled Engines

These air-cooled direct injection diesel engines are smaller in volume, lighter in weight and lower in fuel consumption. The improved cooling and combustion properties results in the highly efficient performance of this engine. FD-AR series comprises of single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled diesel engines.

Radiator-Cooled Engines

FD-RW series comprises of 3, 4, 8, 6 & 12 cylinder 4 stroke compression ignition type engines. These engines have improved performance and combustion efficiency. The characteristics such as high torque and heavy duty construction makes these engines a right choice for fire fighting applications.

These engines are subjected to rigorous performance tests prior to the dispatch to ensure that the performance ratings are achieved as required by the design specifications.