Advanced Detection System

VESDA-E – The Next Generation of Aspirating Smoke Detection


For decades, the VESDA range of Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD) has been recognized as the best in the world. New VESDA-E range has a range of features, including dramatically increased sensitivity – up to 15 times greater than previous models; flexibility for deployment in a wide variety of applications; multi-port addressability – a first for ASD; unparalleled connectivity & expansion options; and, field upgradability. All these features combine to make VESDA-E the best choise for early warning of smoke and fire threats. VESDA-E’s sensitivty, flexibility, reliability, programmability, and expandability provides customers with superior performance and protection, while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Protect your Investment

With up to 40% greater coverage in high airflow environments, the VESDA-E range of aspirating smoke detectors represent considerable CAPEX savings. Easier servicing and a field replaceable architecture further reduce system OPEX.  And of course, VESDA-E is completely compatible with existing VESDA systems.


VESDA Smoke+


VESDA Smoke+ capitalizes on the patented Flair Detection Technology centered in the VESDA-E detection chamber used in VEU and VEP. The Flair Detection Technology offers increased sensitivity – up to 15 times greater than VESDA VLP, at least 3X better dust rejection, up to twice the longevity while maintaining consistent sensitivity over time.


The Smoke+ capability focuses on improving key aspects related to smoke detection including:

  • Detection Performance with vastly better sensitivity and faster response time
  • Detection Reliability for operating temperature stability, while minimizing nuisance alarms
  • Consistent Performance Over Time , even during long term exposure to dust
  • Efficiency of Operation with lower power consumption per unit area




VESDA Flex provides future-proof expandability for maximum flexibility using StaX hardward expansion modules. These modules seamlessly integrate with the VESDA-E VEU and VEP detectors to provide additional capabilities including power supply, and auto pipe cleaning.

VESDA Point Addressability


A key feature of the VEA detector, this unique capability provides situational awareness to improve response time, efficiency and effectiveness through pin-point addressability for up to 40 locations. VESDA-E VEA provides reliable early warning with minimum nuisance alarms, centralised maintenance with built-in blow back capability, and full system integrity check.

VESDA Connect


VESDA Connect provides flexible networking and programming capabilities that reduce installation, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance costs through extensive connectivity options and remote diagnostics tools including Ethernet, WiFi, USB, VESDAnet and Relays.


VESDA TCO  provides a lifetime of value, reliability and protection

VESDA-E improves CapEx value through higher sensitivity and longer pipe runs resulting in greater coverage area for VEU and VEP detectors and through flexible microbore tube network for VEA. It also reduces OpEx costs due to accessible and centralised maintenance, field replaceable components and full system integrity monitoring for VEA. Plug and play features improve the installation experience and reduce its cost via:


  • AutoConfig capability
  • Firmware upgrade using only a USB key
  • Instant monitoring via Wi-Fi
  • Mounting template & Mounting bracket
  • Ample wiring space
  • Design-less pipe networks for simple designs for VEU and VEP
  • Flexible VEA installation with pre-engineered microbore tubes and push-fit connections


VESDA-E can also provide vast monitoring options including:

  • VSM4
  • VESDAnet
  • iVESDA Mobile Application (Android & IOS)
  • Remotes

For current VESDA users, VESDA-E offers backward compatibility with the relevant VESDA product line – with VESDA-E you can reduce Total Cost of Ownership by up to 15% for VEU and VEP and up to 60% for VEA.