System Communication Unit SCU


The System Communications Unit serves as a digital audio memory for the VARIODYN D1 system. It is possible to record and playback multiple audio data streams simultaneously.


The connection to the other VARIODYN D1 modules is made via the Ethernet, and is permanently monitored.


The audio storage for critical evacuation alerts and notifications is done in accordance with IEC EN 60849 in a non-volatile flash memory. Depending on the format, storage capacity is approx. two hours.


Additional prerecorded audio messages such as announcements, signals, or commercial texts are stored on a hard disk. Depending on the format, storage capacity here is approx. 1000 hours.


The SCU can also be used for the logging and recording of announcements. These are also stored in the memory, and logged with date, time, and activation details. The automatic buffer makes it possible to transmit announcements that cannot be played to all targets as soon as these targets become available.



• Ethernet connection 100 Mbit/s

• Network connection

• 24 V DC emergency input







Not for safety-related voice messages, these must be stored in the DOM.