Power amplifier 2XD250


The power amplifier has two independent amplifier channels, each with 250 Watt and is compatible to VARIODYN D1 system. The power amplifiers are controlled and monitored by VARIODYN D1 Comprio DOM4-8 or DOM4-24.



  • Compliant with EN 60849 and EN 50849
  • EN 54-16 certified
  • Class D two channel amplifier
  • Protected against overload and short- circuits
  • Protected against overheating
  • Monitoring by VARIODYN D1 DOM
  • 24 V DC emergency power supply input
General display element
  • System voltage (green LED)
  • CPU status (green LED)
  • Combined fault (yellow LED)
  • 24 V emergency power supply (yellow LED)
Display element per amplifier channel
  • Operation (green LED)
  • Amplifier channel status (green LED)
  • Amplifier channel error (yellow LED)
  • Clip display (yellow LED)