MAXPRO® Cloud Alarm Monitor

MaxproR Cloud Alarm Monitor


Honeywell Security & Fire has a strong focus on its cloud offerings/SAAS offerings. Their latest cloud offerings – eVance Facility Manager and MAXPRO Cloud Alarm Monitoring solutions are best in its kinds.

eVance Facility Manager is a cloud based offering for managing fire systems from a remote location. It comes with a web-based software tool and a mobile app that tracks the effectiveness of the fire system, identifies fire safety risks early, provides predictive maintenance alerts, optimizes device inventory and analyzes the systems performance. This gives the facility manager a quick health check of the system without the hassle of physically going to the location and monitoring the fire alarm system.

The second cloud offering is targeted at the Indian banks to enable 24×7 remote monitoring of ATMs. The offering is called MAXPRO Cloud Monitor and is a simple, scalable, and secure cloud-based platform to remotely monitor and manage intrusion alarms and video systems across multiple sites. Given that banks are expanding at a very rapid pace, the security and safety of the customer is top of mind.