Advanced Detection System

Light Shield Imager

Background subtraction techniques and IR and UV filters make OSID far less susceptible to saturation than standard IR beams. OSID will never false alarm due to bright sunlight. However, severe saturation may in some cases affect the Emitter IR and UV signal and cause a fault to be reported.

OSI-LS light shield is available for Imagers to prevent saturation from direct or reflected light. The light shield can only be used in end-to-end / one-on-one configurations. The light shield cannot be used in Multi-Emitter applications. The shield is easy to apply and protects against light outside of a 30° viewing angle. The light shield cannot be used in combination with an environmental housing.

  • Prevents Imager saturation from bright light sources in one-on-one applications
  • Protects Imagers against bright light outside of a 30° viewing angle in one-on-one applications
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fits all OSID Imagers